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Hey, I'm Danielle founder of Plate Therapy!!! I'm incredibly excited to finally share my Plate Therapy recipes with you. This recipe book is filled with dishes that have been part of my family's Thanksgiving tradition but sprinkled with a little healthy Plate Therapy magic.  These recipes are both simple and delicious and I can't wait for you to enjoy them with your loved ones and join us in creating healthier holiday traditions. 

  • All Recipes are made with REAL ingredients

    All recipes are made Gluten Free, Dairy Free and NO refined sugar.
  • Printable Book

    The entire eBook is available for printing, making it convenient for you to take notes or carry it with you.
  • 7 Holiday Recipes

    This holiday menu is designed to make Thanksgiving easy and stress-free.

Plate Therapy Thanksgiving Recipe E-Book

This delightful collection of recipes takes the classic Thanksgiving spread and infuses it with the magic of Plate Therapy, delivering a wholesome, gluten-free, and dairy-free feast that is sure to impress both your taste buds and your loved ones.
What Users Are Saying
Users wholeheartedly praise the Plate Therapy e-recipe book for its transformative impact on cooking and healthier eating. Its versatility, user-friendliness, and focus on nutrition and taste have made it a kitchen essential for many.
"Plate Therapy's Thanksgiving e-recipe book made my holiday cooking a breeze. The recipes are delicious and easy to follow, and they cater to a variety of tastes. It elevated my Thanksgiving feast and impressed my family and friends!"



"I'm a Thanksgiving host enthusiast, and Plate Therapy's e-recipe book has taken my dinners to the next level. The recipes are scrumptious, diverse, and the step-by-step instructions make cooking stress-free. It's become a staple for my legendary gatherings!"



"Plate Therapy's Thanksgiving e-recipe book gave my holiday menu a gourmet twist. The fusion of classic and contemporary flavors, along with helpful tips, made my Thanksgiving dinner a huge hit. It's now my go-to resource for memorable holiday meals!"


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No matter what kind of changes you want to make in your body, the best place to start is with what's on your plate. And when we talk about changes, we're talking about real changes. The right foods have helped some of us gain control over physical and mental health issues and regain a full, active life.

Be on the look out for our December Holiday Brunch  book... Coming Soon!